Cannot open Team Create place because of "invalid shared string data"

This is a TC with me and @fennecpaw and everything was working functionally for weeks, we were able to open the place, but one day, it completely shut us out of our own place. I figured there was a corrupt object which may of made a packet corrupt when loading in the place, as seen in @fennecpaw’s log file.
Operating System: Windows 10 Home


What I observed was that:
Upon loading and getting the “Loading Screen” and after a while studio instantly crashes.
Last attempt to connect by myself was 12:23 AM EST, 1/30/20.

Relevant portion of log file:

Error: Error while processing packet.
Error while processing packet: Invalid shared string data (packet id: 131, packet length: 52915)
Bad packet contents: [redacted]
TeamCreateDisconnectInfo::setReason: Connection Closed: ReplicatorDisconnect | Error while receiving data, please reconnect
Lost connection with reason : Error while receiving data, please reconnect

You could try reverting the place to a previous version, but this definitelly seems like a corrupted place. You will lose any progress done after that version though so make sure you are done with Roblox support first.

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Looks like a single MeshPart that was duplicated a few times had corrupt physics data. I will set up a DM for recovering from this, but we are looking into how this corruption happened in the first place & more gracefully failing so a single corrupt instance doesn’t block place open as well.

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A change is now live which will help prevent the shared string error referenced above from occurring.

Thank you.

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Im having a similar issue but in plain studio on the Avatar evolution beta build. I cant figure it out. I already made a post in scripting support but that hasn’t gotten me anywhere.