Cannot open terrain-heavy place in live game or Studio via cloud

I built 9 5000x5000 tiles of terrain with the updated Terrain Editor however after I did so and saved it to Roblox I can no longer open the place in Studio or on the Roblox Player even with Streaming Enabled. Now I do understand that… it’s a lot of terrain to load. However I can easily open the auto save with 0 issues. But trying to open it from the cloud is the problem.

To reproduce the bug all you have to do is open the place. I expect the place to open albeit slowly but still load in the terrain. It happens 120% of the time I open the place. I do have TeamCreate enabled, not sure if that could be the issue.

This is the place in question. I would love to get back up and running as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

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Unable to confirm since the place is private. There was an outage earlier which may have been the cause instead. Is this still happening?

Sorry about that, if possible I’d like to keep the game private. I figured an admin would have the permissions necessary to access the game anyway. Should I make it public?

Also I wasn’t aware there was an outage earlier but I can confirm that I’m still getting the same issue. At first it would tell me the place couldn’t be opened and to contact customer support, but now it doesn’t error at all. Roblox Studio just silently crashes.

I am able to confirm that I experienced this issue, however it was some time in 2017. It was for my primary title, “Lands of Eyzira”, which had 6144x terrain voxels in the X and Z axis. This was before the implementations that saved memory extensively. At the time the game had around 80,000 parts.

My place didn’t quite make it to the point of being uneditable, but testers flat out could not join my game due to it never loading in. In Studio, it took a couple minutes to open the place file.

I decided to split my game up after dealing with that for a couple months, splitting it into 6 separate places each with a slice of the terrain that could be split into zones.

In short, I can confirm that there are issues caused by extreme terrain usage, but I can not confirm that I had the same issue as OP. I hope this sheds some light on the bug.

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This is definitely something we want to fix, but I can’t give you any ETA or a workaround other than “don’t do that.” Can you load your previous auto-save file, reduce the size of the terrain, and publish again?

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So, in my intentions on fixing most of my issues. And drastically reduce the amount of terrain and the amount of work I need to put into it, as currently the terrain tools doesn’t work for my use case. (Underwater Biomes)

I made this nice generator using perlin noise while adapting the tutorial on the developer hub and so far it looks okay. But I had a few concerns.

I’m now generating all terrain on the server and oh my gosh is it fast. This generator is built to handle the generation of terrain near all players. So you can go out as far as you want and while you’ll eventually see some wonky things due to precision float errors the terrain will hopefully still look as good as it did when you joined.

But won’t this slowly increase the memory on the server? It’s pretty much an intentional memory leak right? I could just shave off the terrain in areas where player’s aren’t (I.e the edge of the map where I’ll probably never develop) The idea is to control the generation so that it can still generate specific landmasses in specific areas and populate them based on an Item Placement List or something.

Generally though the one issue I always have to deal with is “Waiting for server” If the server gets filled with Terrain won’t new players have to wait longer? I’d love to test this with a bunch of people but I’m unable to divide myself nor multiply. But if I could, or had friends I would.

Any solutions, Heads up warning? “Do not Enter” signs before I fully send it?

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