Cannot paste text in the Windows Store app version of Roblox

I cannot paste any amount of text into any textbox in the Roblox app from the Windows Store. It has always happened to me. I have never actually had the ability to paste, which hinders my productivity in some cases. When i want to do a live test with multiple accounts, I can’t paste text into textboxes for the Windows Store version of Roblox, forcing me to completely retype what I needed, which can be hundreds of characters at a time. All in all, this is a very unnecessary setback as I could be far more productive if I were able to paste.

If there are any possible short-term fixes for this, please reply to this thread with them. It is insanely annoying having to retype what I could’ve just pasted in. Thanks in advance.


This is still an issue. I am trying to test cross-server functionality in my game but this is very hard to do with current tools. A solution I am trying is having the .exe version of Roblox open and having the Windows 10 version from the microsoft store open at the same time for 2 live clients.

I am trying to paste an ID from one client into the other, but the windows 10 version does not support copying or pasting text into TextBoxes on the Windows 10 version