Cannot Play Game - Automatically Crashes

When going to play the game, it auto crashes. We’ve tried reverting, and the game still persists in crashing. Game works in studio, but not for regular play mode. This issue occurs for everyone.


My game has been going through this as well after a roblox update, since i didn’t update my game, it started happening before yesterday, even trying old versions doesn’t work, so this has to be a roblox issue with the latest updates…



We keep getting lots of random errors that have no relativity with each other.
This is my game where is happening: [DIAMOND TRIALS] Steven Universe Future: Era 3 RP
Again, i didn’t update anything, it started happening out of thin air even with older versions of the game. this have happened before 11/12/2022 and lasted until 12/01/2023
And started happening again the day: 28/03/2023. i hope a roblox staff can see this.


Thanks for the report! We understand the struggle and we’ll file a ticket to our internal database regarding this issue! In the meantime, please rewrite the bug report following this post: How to post a Bug Report
It would be more helpful for the team. Thanks!


We found it was some part we had in the game, once removed our problem was resolved.

Thank you very much! i would post a bug report but sadly i can’t because i don’t have enough rank, but thank you so much, we’ve been struggling a lot with this issue

my players also get infinite loading sometimes and sometimes not, this only happens in large places that have the morphs, i tried with my players to fill a server attached to the game of 100 robloxians (Without morphs) and it runs smoothly without issues, the thing is that nothing has been changed in my game’s engine to somehow trigger this insane lag, this started happening after a roblox update, sorry for @ng you but if you could see it, it would be of much help, we’ve been experiencing this since the last month’s 28th @gigagiele

You said you tried reverting and that did not fix the issue, and other people say they did not change anything. More information than “some part” would be a great help for actually having Roblox fix the underlying issue.

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some help please? the issue still happening until today and is affecting my playerbase.

Here is further proof
When the network delay is going on the server freezes and they can’t do anything, those keep happening without stopping, and players sometime cant even join.

Any updates on this? My game is still experiencing this issue. And haven’t done any changes/updates to possibly trigger it.

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@TimTsuki - This report has been closed as the original issue seems to be resolved, we’ll be happy to dig in further if a new report is filed.