Cannot Play Single Player Games SOLVED

Today I started experiencing a bug with joining single player games. I figured that this was either a client or website bug because every time I joined a single player game, it would say that the game was full and retrying. I think this is because for single player servers it’s attempting to try and join a server with another person in it instead of requesting a new server. I tested this on both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and experienced the same issue.

You can try and see this bug by attempting to join the game below:

I experience this every time, and not only some of the times. Hope this gets fixed soon!

EDIT: Just talked to a friend and it looks like he’s not experiencing the bug. It may be only me, but I’m still curious as to what is causing it.


Go check if you’re in a party. It’s what’s caused every instance of this issue when I had my max players set to 1.


Oh aha this was the issue. Thanks a ton.