Cannot Publish New Plugin To Marketplace

When I try publishing a new plugin to the Marketplace, then I receive the following error:

Submission Failed
Upload failed with unknown error

Expected behavior

I expect the plugin to upload successfully.

A private message is associated with this bug report


Thanks for reporting this! I’m not able to replicate the issue. Can you send more information on it such as the version of Roblox Studio you are using, your OS, and the steps you’re taking to publish the new plugin?


Windows 10
The latest version of Roblox Studio.


  • Right click and press Publish as Plugin
  • Enter title and description
  • Upload icon (png), and thumbnail (png)
  • Enable Distribute on Marketplace, and enter the price
  • Hit Submit



The problem turned out to be the text in the description field got moderated, and thus the submission failed.

  • Roblox can improve this by providing a more useful error message stating the text was moderated

  • In my case, the description included the word “documentation”, which for some unknown reason was the word that caused the moderation to fail

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Thank you for the update and feedback! It’s definitely very helpful and I’ll relay it back to the team!

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