CANNOT publish updates to game (causing in-game bugs to persist)

Reproduction Steps

I have both a testing build and a main build of my game No-Scope Arcade. Whenever I develop my experience, I always do it to the testing build. When I’m ready to drop it, I publish it to the main game, which is what is linked.

I noticed that updates were published to the testing build, but not the main build. This has become an immediate issue because huge bugs exist that I cannot fix for the main branch.

Expected Behavior

I expect that when I use the Publish As feature, it works as intended.

Actual Behavior

Despite Roblox saying the publish is successful, it is not. I have shut down ALL servers many times, and the update is not live.


My “workaround” is to open my test build publicly for a temporary amount of time. This workaround is very weak and does not help my game’s numbers at all.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-11-02 19:11:00 (-05:00)


I ran into this issue too a while back and and restarting studio worked as a temporary fix.

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This did not do it for me. Additionally, I also tried to have my manager publish the game for me, but even on her end, it didn’t work.

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This also impacted me a few days back. After going through multiple studio restarts and attempts to publish, I simply waited a few hours and tried again and it worked.

I can also report other instability with the publishing system over the last few days. I tried to publish a place to a group last week and it published a copy of an unrelated place from my profile and the game I was trying to publish.


A day later I cannot publish updates, nor can I revert place versions. This has caused a broken update to remain, causing my player count to go from maintaining thousands to barely holding on to a couple hundred!

This issue is completely ruining my game and is affecting my studio financially.

does this effect your other devs too? if no send the update to them so they can publish the update

Yes, as described above:

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Hi @iGottic, I’m sorry that you are facing these issues! We are actively investigating this issue right now. Can I check if you are able to publish the updates to the game now or are you still encountering this issue?