Cannot report items on mobile

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When attempting to using the Roblox site to report anything from decals to users you are sent to a dead page when you press report abuse.

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Happens every time from both the mobile user agent and in the Roblox app on Android

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Is your confusion that the Submit button is greyed out? I thought the “Tell us what you think” is placeholder text for your report. Try tapping on it and typing your report.

Edit: Was able to reproduce the bug. Escalating the report.

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There isn’t a form on that page when I check using a user-agent changing extension.
I can click the “See Community Rules” text if I want to refresh the page too on both Android chrome and in a browser with a changed user-agent.

If I enable the submit button and try to submit, no messages appear.

If I click on the X I also get a TypeError if I am not in the Roblox app.