Cannot save translated game information

Bumping. Yet again, issue still persists as of November 2021, the link @ItsKoiske provided no longer works and the problem hasn’t been solved yet

Have you tried doing this:

It works. You’re just a member and only Regulars have access to it.

Hey there @Master3395 - thanks for your report. As stated in the thread, experience names and descriptions do go through the text filter which is not perfect, especially for languages that are not officially supported by Roblox.

We understand that this is frustrating, and next year we plan to work on a way to surface which words/phrases specifically have been moderated within Translator Portal so that it is easier to fix. As mentioned previously, this form is the best way to request review on terms you believe should be exempt from the text filter.

As this is intended behavior - in the sense that experience names and descriptions are supposed to be subject to the text filter, even if the text filter has room for improvement - I’ll be closing out this report.

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