Cannot scroll in Studio output when printing excessively

The scroll position of the output window reset to the bottom of the window whenever something new is outputted.

This brings up an issue when you have a rogue script printing messages endlessly, and are trying to scroll up in the output to see previous messages.

Code Repro:

for i = 1,1000 do
print("Output" .. i)

print("Can't scroll!")

And a video:


I’m not sure if you can consider that as a bug, like I think it’s just supposed to get you to the latest thing that was printed, it is annyoing though they should remove that feature

It is unintended behavior is you want to view anything that has been outputted previously.

The expected behavior would be for the output window to stick to the bottom if you scroll to the bottom. Otherwise it should never change the scroll position.


We will fix this.


Thank you staff, it does indeed work now.

I appreciate the quick thank you, but I think your output stopped printing new values otherwise its an unintentional bug you discovered. The laws of physics prevent us from fixing anything that quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:


Consider liking or bumping my feature request I sent a while back here because I have had the same issue for almost a year: Option to disable console autoscrolling

Oh no actually I checked after stopped recording and it was still doing it, thanks again!

This is something we would want to fix without needing a toggle. E.g.

  • If the scrollbar is not at the bottom of the output, then don’t move anywhere, as the user is intentionally searching through the Output
  • If the scrollbar is at the bottom of the output, then continue autoscrolling. The user cares about the latest logs and will scroll up if they want to view something else

In general, bool toggles are a bad thing. Anyone with the toggle off still experiences the bad behavior. It’s preferable to address things in a way that works for everyone across the board.

The fix for this should be deployed 2 releases from now (Studio v394)