Cannot set C0 of Motor6D, skirt will not rotate at all

For some reason, I the skirt I am trying to weld using a Motor6d will not rotate no matter what I do. I just need to set the rotation once, but it just keeps being set to the default CFrame of the LowerTorso. I’ve tried so many different things for the past 2 hours and I can feel the insanity beginning to creep in. Here is one of the things I’ve tried:

local Motor ="Motor6D")
Motor.Part0 = CFramePart.Value
Motor.Part1 = char:WaitForChild("LowerTorso")
Motor.Parent = CFramePart.Value
Motor.C0 = Motor.Part0.CFrame:inverse() * Motor.Part1.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(0, math.rad(180), 0)

Here’s the result. I’m trying to rotate it 180 degrees because the default rotation is backwards. Same results even when I don’t try to rotate it.


“CFramePart.Value” is the skirt you see in the image.

Before you consider replying, it must be a motor6d otherwise the skirt’s deformation will not work, so I can’t simply switch to a normal weld.

Or you could rotate the Motor6D in radians:
Motor.DesiredAngle = 3.14159

or just rig it and animate it and then play the animation so it’ll rotate or whatever

That only rotates on one axis, correct?

Literally nobody seems to know about this at all. Very little documentation. Surprised more people are not responding.

Motor6Ds are a hinge that rotates on one axis. If you have that axis aligned on both the Parts involved you can set the angle in radians to whatever you want.
The reason they don’t document it much is that it’s deprecated (but still functional).

Why don’t you just Weld the skirt to the player’s LowerTorso?

In the original post I stated that in order for the deformation to work, it needs to be a motor6d rather than a normal weld.

This is the only known way I’ve found to get skirts to deform with the legs. Here are my results with a different model.

The “C0” of the Motor6d is a CFrame, so it’s supposed to be able to rotate on all axis when you set the offset, right?