Cannot set color to white!?

So I am really new to blender, and I ran into this problem, how do you turn the colour to white?

anyone help me solve this problem?

I don’t know where your other workspace tabs are, but you’re currently in the Sculpting workspace. Considering you don’t have the rest of the workspace options (for some reason?), the way to make the object be seen as the default textureless grey, click the down arrow in the Viewport Shading box, and in Lighting, select Studio, not MatCap.

Additionally, and more importantly, where are the rest of your workspace options? :stuck_out_tongue:

To help you, I ran my 2.8.75 version just like you have there, and I have all of these options:

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I dont have them? How do I get them? BTW you fixed my problem :smiley:

I’m asking you the same thing - I’ve never not had them as options.

Try reading up on Blender support forums - considering this is an issue specifically with Blender. In fact, you should always research there first before making a thread here, because Blender support has way more documentation and people that know.

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You need to edit the Viewport Display at the bottom for it to show up in that environment:


is there any way to paint specific spots?