Cannot set Humanoid.WalkSpeed to a numbervalue

Hello, basically I have a server-sided-script, and I already have everything prepared to detect the player and all, but I wanted to change the WalkSpeed of the player to a NumberValue that’s right outside the script.

It sadly doesn’t apply, and no errors or glitches occur, though if I do this

Character.Humanoid.WalkSpeed = 16

It works, but if we do it like this

local MaxWalkSpeed = 16
Character.Humanoid.Walkspeed = MaxWalkSpeed

Sadly this has 0 effect, does anyone know why?

local MaxWalkSpeed = 16
Character.Humanoid.Walkspeed = MaxWalkSpeed.Value -- ?

I gave you a solution cause that was one of the things, but also its cause I had too many overlapping walkspeed sets (wont go into that LOL), thanks

i didnt understood a thing but welcome

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