Cannot set scrolling frames Canvas properties?

I was just trying to setup a Scrolling frame that would stay at the bottom of the canvas if a new item was added:

but I cant seem to access any of the scrolling frames properties.


I have done a lot of code with Scrolling frames and I have never had this problem before…

What is the m variable? And what does it stands for? Is it the PlayerGui or something else?

Oh its all in a module thats just

I think you could try making the Player_ui index the line below, As the PlayerGui Object may take some time to load.

game.Players.LocalPlayer:WaitForChild("PlayerGui", 60):WaitForChild("ScreenGui")

Well Okay, but I havent had any issues with that

this error already has the Ui

Strange, Are you sure that the Object is in fact a ScrollingFrame and that you’re indeed referencing the right Object? And about setting the CanvasPosition, Wasn’t it meant to be a Vector2 value and not a UDim one?

Well its probably going to need a Vector2 I didnt really think about that.



You’re referencing Records_frame and not logs_list in the variable:


“Records_frame” is probably a Frame and not a ScrollingFrame.

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ahaha I think i found my error


I feel dumb

Thanks for the help