Cannot unfollow some profiles because they 404

I thought I’d clean up my friends/following lists and took on a massive people removal operation,
however some profiles in my “Following”-list, when clicked on, just send me to a 404 page. Not even a roblox error page, but see for yourself:

There are dozens of other users that also 404, and it’s annoying since I can’t remove them.

Are they banned? Or is this a bug? If theyre banned you need to let us remove banned accounts from friends/follows

It would also be nice to have a button to remove either all friends or followers. Since all my friends became followers it would take me all day to remove the 4000 people I’m now following.

Or even so that you could click to select multiple users and then “Remove selected”

If you’re still working on that massive removal. I unfollowed around 4k people using this program in like 15 mins.
I had to restart it a few times since my internet sucks but it was a lot easier then clicking for the next hour.

Simple program, just set your mouse pointer to click at a specific location and you can set the wait time in between.

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Oh there’s an “Unfollow” -button next to the person in the friends list now, this makes the thread obsolete