Cannot update experience post

Reproduction Steps

  • Edit an existing experience section
  • Add one or more link

Expected Behavior
I expect that upon pressing “save,” my page is updated.

Actual Behavior
Nothing happens. The buttons momentarily grey out before returning to their previous state. No progress is saved.


Reloading the page and clearing cache did not fix this issue.

Below is an error that appears in the console instead:



This is extremely frustrating to deal with, since it prevents me from displaying my experience properly.

Issue Area: Talent Hub
Page URL: Talent Hub
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


Adding onto this, it seems to happen when you add certain devforum links and set their display text to that of certain length.
I haven’t been able to narrow down the exact conditions (in my case it doesn’t let me put a specific devforum link if its displayed text’s length exceeds 12 characters).

The following response is returned by the api endpoint:

{"errors":[{"code":"InvalidExperienceLinks","message":"Invalid experience links","field":"ExperienceLinks"}]}
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I’ve been trying to update my portfolio with images but I keep encountering this problem.

Extra info:

I was able to reproduce your issue. I’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update!

Thanks for the report!


Hey, could you please check if the issue still exists? thanks!

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We are closing this issue due to no response from the developer to our engineer’s question above!

We also assume the issue should be fixed now, but feel free to file another bug report if that’s not the case, so we can look into!

Thank you!