Cannot upload Dev Product image if originally created through studio

Reproduction Steps

1. Creating a Dev Product through Studio (no image associated by default)
2. Go into the Developer Products sub page of that specific experience on the Roblox Site
3. Attempt to upload an image for that product

Expected Behavior

Dev Product Image uploads successfully

Actual Behavior

Image upload will always fail (will say name has been filtered no matter what)
Even changing the product name/price will not affect this issue

Example Case:

some example file names that will fail:


Create the entire dev product through the website and ignore the one in studio altogether

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: The Experience configure page / Developer Products sub page
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


hi @aaron_mccoy - do you mind sharing the name of the Developer Product? it’s possible that is what’s being filtered. whenever you upload an image, two things are checked - the developer product name as well as the file name.

Sure, the name of the product was “Donate 50 Robux”

You are correct, the filtering checks the product name too. The main issue is that if I change the product name to something safe, save it, then upload the image, then change the product name back to what I wanted, everything works fine.

So it appears that this is just a unique way the filtering is occurring.

yeah, agreed. we’re making some changes to all of develop. stay tuned for updates!

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