Cannot Use Animation Editor On Custom Character

So in the animation editor I can’t move the arm: It dosent let me move it, do you guys know why? Also when I make a tool and equip it, it dosent load the tool animation

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Can you send a screenshot of the character in the Explorer?

My guess is that it’s either anchored, welded incorrectly, or something else. I would really appreciate if you sent a screenshot, so that I would get a better idea on why that’s happening.

It’s all unachored and what do you mean send a pic of the explorer?

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This is what I meant with Explorer.


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Is there a HumanoidRootPart there? Wait nevermind-

Yes, in the second photo at the end

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Is the torso jointed to the HumanoidRootPart? And if so, is the hand jointed to the torso?

I’m not sure how to check that

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Dropdown on HumanoidRootPart.

Click the dropdown arrow on HumanoidRootPart, a joint/weld should be in HumanoidRootPart that connects to the Torso. Everything should be unanchored on the character model except for the HumanoidRootPart.

Side note:

Oh and, please organize your arms and legs, it’s really messy and confusing. Rename your limb and leg parts in order to avoid unnecessary confusion (For example, rename your limb parts to Limb1, then Limb2, then Limb3, then etc.).

It may be noticed that your explorer is not organized, at all.
Rename all your parts to different and clear things, then check that your arm your trying to rotate is connected to the other arms or the torso.