Cannot view Voltron Sponsor page

When viewing the news tab and trying to click the link in the Voltron Sponsor news section, it redirects you to the roblox home page.

I believe that it’s to do with regional settings, and maybe this isn’t open to people in Europe, but no clarification was given.

A lot of people can be led astray here.

Clicking here does not work. What’s meant to send you to Roblox sends you to Roblox

As far as I know, they do this deliberately because you are outside of the target audience for that event, or because of region (I’ve seen this same thing happen with several other events). The event notification showing up in your Messages is probably a bug though, or at least is an undesired feature.

Isn’t that a bit unfair that Europeans can’t earn the virtual item?

They didn’t make it clear on the news tab though. Wouldn’t that be something that they would have to make clear straight off the bat?

If you try refreshing the page it should work. :slightly_smiling_face:


It works now, thanks!!


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