Can't Access Directly

When attempting to go to in my search browser (Google Chrome), I get a site redirect to an offline domain and cannot access the DevForum.


If I go to any other post from the devforum, and click the Developer logo at the top left, I can go to the home page as intended.

Reproduction Steps
Try and access through Google Chrome.

Expected Behavior
I expect to be taken to the DevForum home page.

Actual Behavior
I cannot access it and I reach

Issue Area: Forums
Issue Type: Accessibility
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 9:31 PM PST, Nov 19, 2021 (When the forums went down for maintenance)


Its takes a while but mine works fine?

Image from Gyazo

I also tried with chrome and it worked fine.


It seems that the problem is not only yours, other people have been reporting it, in this case Edge Chromium:


Hi, this is likely a cached redirect on your device. Could you try clearing the cache?

Navigating to this page should help you clear the redirects on Chrome:


Just cleared the cache data for the DevForum URL and it worked! Thank you!


I cleared it on MS Edge, and it did nothing. I can still access it indirectly.

Can you open up network console and show me the request to (request/response status/headers/etc) Please send me a DM with the information.


I was able to clear my cache data via this method. Not sure how well it translates to MS Edge, but it might help a bit.

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I’m also experiencing this on my computer and the solution didn’t work.

I’m able to access the devfourm on my laptop (which I am currently using) and on my iPhone.

Browser I’m using: Google Chrome

I have tried this on Firefox it loaded up with no problems. :neutral_face:

Confirmed with Pixlz in private messages that it is resolved for them.

@Niqhtlyy If it works for you on Firefox, it means your Chrome is still caching the request. Please see if you can uncache the redirect via network console (a google search should help with instructions for this) or if you can factory reset your browser to get rid of the cached redirect.

Never mind, it worked. I think it was still caching the request when I refreshed.

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