Can't access diagnostic overlays in a test server if "Respect Studio shortcuts when game is in focus" is disabled

I can’t access the diagnostic overlays (the ones that appear if you press Ctrl+Shift+F1 through F5) when the setting “Respect Studio shortcuts when game is in focus” is disabled.

To open the in game menu change the shortcut for “clear selection” (it was made a few weeks ago and defaults to esc).

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Thanks for that. Still, I find it weird that the in-game shortcuts for the diagnostic overlays don’t work even though I have that setting disabled.

I believe they did this so that you could open them when the game isn’t running, it’s not really a bug because now they are studio shortcuts and you turned “Respect Studio shortcuts when game is in focus” off (I think you meant disabled in the OP because that’s how people were fixing the issue with esc)

No, I definitely meant that I can’t use the overlays if that setting is enabled. This was stopped working a few days ago (long after that Esc shortcut was added). I would definitely call this a bug because:

  • In an actual game, the shortcuts are Ctrl+Shift+F1-F5, regardless of studio hotkey settings.
  • With the setting enabled, while I’m focused in the game, these hotkeys work properly. I can clear them or rebind them to other keys, too, and still work.
  • With the setting disabled, while I’m focused in the game, those hot keys don’t work anymore (which is expected) AND Ctrl+Shift+F1-F5 won’t work, either (probably not intended).

EDIT: Whoops, I re-read my title again. I meant disabled. Edited the OP.

To be clear, when that setting is disabled, you can’t access the overlays though any means. THIS is probably not intended.