Can't add friend

What is the issue? When trying to add friend an error pops up “Unable to send friend request.”
What solutions have you tried so far? Logout and login, clear web cache, tried on other device.

Have emailed Roblox support but it might take a long time, I hope I can get some community help here.

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Check if the person to who you’re sending a friend request has not blocked you.

I have, also tried different people.

I created my account in China but changed my location to UK, used LocalizationService to check my account location, shows GB. I don’t know if that would be the problem.

Have you tried checking the privacy settings of your gaming console?

Could you explain a bit more? Don’t quite understand

Oh nevermind your playing on pc, right?

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I’m pretty sure you have to wait for Roblox Support Team to respond to that question.

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@prplxhz Hello, it is possible that the issue with friend requests occurs if too many friends are requested, which can block the IP address and account. Usually, the problem can be fixed. There may have been a bug.

I would also like to add that it is possible that you are being rate limited if you try doing so multiple times. Have you tried giving it some time? (1~2 hours) [and does it work now?]

I waited more than 10 hours and tried again, now it would allow be to click on “add friend” and it shows “pending”, but when I refresh the page it shows back to “add friend”. The list in users/friends#!/friend-requests is also empty.