Can't add links/images in topics; 403 error


This bug happens when you attempt to add any sort of link to your post, it gives you a 403 forbidden error. There’s not much detail to give here other than that.


This bug first to occurred to me on 1/5/23


I can’t provide screenshots as it won’t let me upload images either.


To reproduce this bug, create a new topic, add any link in it, and try to publish it. You will end up getting a 403 forbidden popup. Even GitHub isn’t allowed.


I’m guessing you are trying to post a raw github user content url, if so I have made a bug report a while ago:

No, not just that, I’ve also tried 2 other sites (including, both were unsuccessful. It’s disappointing because I was just about to release my project. A weird thing happens where if you press edit on your post and add a link, you get the same error, but the link only shows up locally until you reload the page.

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Please, someone help, I really need to release something but I can’t because I can’t even link it.

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Is it the UI bug? I posted about it but made a mistake and I can no longer edit my post because of the 403 error.

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What UI bug? 403 is a HTTP access error.

I can’t seem to have the problem. What links don’t work for you?

Thanks for your bug report, we are actively investigating the issue.

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@maddjames28 Can you check if this is still an issue for you?

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Alright, looks like it’s fixed now.

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