Can't add universe or asset ID to my creator page

I’m trying to upload my game’s asset and experience ids to my creator page. I’m the modeler for a game called Splatgoo, I am not the owner but a developer who receives revenue from said game.

Every time I attempt to upload asset and experience ids. The message “Ensure that the Experience/Asset ID is valid” pops up. I’m stuck and no idea how to fix it, screenshot here.

I tried contacting the owner of the game to give me said asset and experience ids I made for him to upload to my page. To no avail, didn’t work. Same message popped up again after each attempt weeks apart.
I even tried using the API to convert the experience ID to a universe id, didn’t work. In fact it was the same universe ID the owner gave me.

I used this template and inserted the place ID by the way.