Can't box select items in a folder

It’s possible to select them by clicking on the object, but not through a box select.

I feared this would happen even before folders came because I ran into this issue using configurations. Drag selecting only affects parts and models under workspace. :\

Folders shouldn’t be used to store physical objects, you should use Models instead.

The whole purpose of folders is to provide something so simple that it’s nothing more than a hierarchical organizer. Something that doesn’t interfere with selections. A general purpose item that can be used to organize anything. I’d say this fits the bill. I don’t want all of those dummies grouped together to where I move them as a whole – I want to be able to move them individually without using the explorer, and folders provide that (as they were intended to). Because folders are supposed to be a hierarchical organizer and nothing more, any behavior they cause that is different from when an object isn’t in the folder is unintended behavior – a bug.

I feel models are better suited for grouping parts that together act as a single object. In Echo’s case he has a Dummies that are individual models. To keep them organized and to reduce explorer clutter he has them grouped, but they’re not just a single model, but multiple independent models, any Methods of model such as PrimaryPart, MoveTo, etc. would be useless since they lack conformity and would have no clear position.

Either that or a better way to freely select nested models and drag them, but the folder approach seems simpler.

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