Cant change hat position locally?


Changing the hat position doesnt do so? I am trying to build a copy of the character and put it in a view frame for a GUI experiment. However if I can’t change the hats positions locally, when welded to the character they look like this:


How can I change the position of the hat locally so that I can get it to work with the character. It used to be a feature but now Roblox removed it and its broken a lot of elements in my game.

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Maybe you could make a part in the position you want the hat to be, then weld the hat to that part?

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perhaps having the hats already ready and pre-positioned and just parenting it between characters would be a little work-around.

the problem explained by an admin:

can you use CFrame or use the value Offset from the mesh object

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Wassup big man marcus, I had this issue earlier, this is the simple way I use to fix accessory not positioning to it’s attachment via client (if you need it that simple way ykno):

local accessoryWeld ="Weld")
accessoryWeld.Name = "AccessoryWeld"
accessoryWeld.Part0 = YOUR_ACCESSORY_HANDLE
accessoryWeld.Part1 = LIMB_TO_ATTACH_TO
accessoryWeld.C0 = accessoryWeld.Part0.ATTACHMENT_NAME.CFrame
accessoryWeld.C1 = accessoryWeld.Part1.ATTACHMENT_NAME.CFrame
accessoryWeld.Parent = accessoryWeld.Part0
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