Can't click on default r6 avatar's head and torso while animating

I can’t click on the default r6 avatar’s head and torso. This isn’t only this place, I’m having the issue in all my places.


This also isn’t only my issue. my friend was having the same issue.


Still unsolved. I’ve tried rerigging the character. I’ve gone to past places, and they are all having the issue.
also, nothing appears on the timeline.


So I’ve been looking through the forums for a solution for the past 30 minutes and I finally found the solution.

Turns out that all R6 rigs, both already existing ones and created ones right now, all have their PrimaryPart set to be their Head by default (for some reason???), so the solution is to simply set its PrimaryPart back to its HumanoidRootPart.

I still hope they fix it, though, it’s kinda annoying…

fixed thank you so much! I started using a different model as a solution but this helps.

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