Can't clone on the client

Why can I not clone my model?

In a LocalScript I have this code:


And when it executes, the chair simply disappears. I’m aware it isnt being parented to anything, but it takes the original copy and parents IT to nothing then leaves me with nothing.


You’re current code does nothing with the clone. The item is being cloned but because it has no parent it doesn’t show up. I would also recommand putting the clone in a variable so you can easily acces the clone.
Try doing this and see if it shows up now:

local clonedObject = workspace.Items.Seating.Chair:Clone()
clonedObject.Parent = workspace

Objects must be parented to the workspace or they will not showup, they still exist but they aren’t visible. You must parents them to workspace (or a descendant of) workspace.

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Upon cloning the object, it disappears. Lets say you have a part in workspace, you then say workspace.Part:Clone() if i’m correct, it should keep the part you’re cloning, then clone it, and default parent is nil. Whenever I’m cloning it, the object I am trying to clone gets parented to nil.

If the object you’re trying to clone gets set to nil that means there’s something else in your code what does that. :Clone() doesn’t do that. Maybe you’ve created a variable which targets the base object instaid of the cloned version?

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