Cant Come Up With a Game Name

Hello, today me and a friend started making a game which we ran into a issue right away. We need a game name. Now still we have no name for it so any suggestions would be great

This is like a survival type game with zombies. Its a open world with lots to do. You survive days and nights while building your base and exploring. Finding food and water to survive.
[more to come]

So any ideas for a game name will be perfect thanks.

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here is an idea, find a word like apocalypse and get some synonyms of it, then get a word like death, then find some synonyms of that and make a name. One I came up with is “lifeless cataclysm”. Not sure if you want to use this but its just an idea.


Here are a couple of ideas and how I arrived at them:

  1. “World Z.” It’s a world of zombies. Z stands for zombie.

  2. “Undead Landscapes.” The game is open-world, so it’s likely going to have several large areas. And zombies are undead beings, so the two words make sense together (to me at least).

  3. “The Fallen Arise.” Fallen refers to those who have died. So, if the fallen rise up (from the grave), they come back as zombies.

Hopefully I was helpful or inspirational.


I have a few names for ya. Hope its the best name that suits your game:-

  • Dead or Alive
  • Day Z (Meaning: The Day of Zombies)
  • Zombie Survival
  • Zombie Take Down
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any update on the progress of this game?

very curious to know!