Cant commit scripts

For some reason i can commit some scripts. They have a little blue and green icon next to them and says i need to check their status. What the heck does that mean?

The script is still there, but it wont work…

Alright thanks but wouldnt that stop the script from working?

But i will be releasing the game to the public, wouldnt that affect gameplay then?

But i just discarded the drafts, i cant commit them now.

Tutorial didnt really answer my question. You told me to discard the drafts that i couldnt commit, yet now i cant commit them for the game because i already discarded the drafts.

This tutorial said how to commit scripts. I know how collaborative editing works and what not. How i need to commit scripts in order for them to work in a public server or to other people. My question is that in order to fix the committing error you told me to discard the drafts so I did to fix the issue. It fixed the issue but now i cant commit the drafts.

Maybe you duped the Scripts? (charss limit)