Can't Connect to Australian Servers from US

I have been unable to connect to any servers made by people in foreign countries, such as Australia, and neither of our internet connections are poor. My friend can download at 50 mbps and upload at 20 mbps, and I can download 150 mbps and upload 10 mbps. We both have reasonable pings and this has never been a problem in 3 years. It says the connection timed out in my logs, and happens with both of my friends. I experienced this a couple nights ago and on the 11th. I had to have my friends leave so I could join and start the server, and we both were able to connect then. Australians can connect to American servers, but Americans can’t connect to Australians.

My userId is 92004506.
This has happened with the following users connected: 94179265, 456304941

Log files:

The majority of my tests were conducted with someone from India, however I can confirm the results are identical with Australians. My Australian friend uses Telstra and my Indian friend uses Jio. My ISP is Cox Communications.

This occurs when trying to join game servers created by a user from a foreign country (in this case Australia or India). I tested in an empty baseplate and an actual game, and I wasn’t able to join the server. There was nothing loading, not even the spinning Roblox symbol. The logs indicate the server denies the auth ticket to join the game or for some reason isn’t providing it. Anyone is able to join a US server though, but US players cannot join Australian servers.

And when joining Team Create servers started by someone in India / Australia from the UI, there was a window saying “Loading…” for the studio place for a while, and it eventually says to contact customer support if it happens after restarting the application. This issue has occurred on the studio of and

Game Reproduction:

  1. Get someone from Australia (and some other foreign countries) to join a game with no servers (to ensure they’re the one starting it)
  2. Join their server normally (find the server and press join on it in the servers tab)
  3. You will never load in and the Roblox symbol will never spin

Studio Reproduction:

  1. Get someone from Australia (and some other foreign countries) to start a Team Create session in any game with Team Create enabled.
  2. Edit the game (I personally start it on the website, but it happens in Studio as well).
  3. You will load forever…

I am experiencing this as well.

And when joining a Team Create game started by a user in Australia

Could not open the place " with exception: "Unable to open the place. Please restart your application and try again.


The bug happens when opening up any server in the Roblox player or Roblox studio place that was made with team create.

This bug started happing around March 4, 2020 for me. My whole development team is about two months behind because of this.

I’ve heard a VPN can fix this bug, but all attempts of me using a VPN have failed. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one experiencing this bug, for instance, my development team and other developers I know. I’ve read everything on the dev forum that is remotely similar. I’m in EST timezone, and this happens periodically, every day, at any time. My developer, @DarkSoul72_Gaming is the only person that lives in Australia in my development team. His internet provider, ISP, is Telstra.


Link to account

Link to the group

Link to the game

This should be resolved. Please let us know if you continue to see issues.


It works now, thanks! :smiley:

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Still getting the error. But now I can play games. Edit( Turns out I can make new games but if I turn it into team create in my group I can’t play it. And the original game I have I can’t access it still even though @effward said there was a fix. I don’t know what to do now. I’m at a lost cause. I’m over a two months behind and can’t do a single thing. Please fix this.

Apologies for the delayed reply, is this still an issue for you?

Could you provide us with repro steps on what you are doing and when is it failing ?


Yes, this is still an issue for me, I can replicate the steps by creating a new team create game within the group.

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