Can't convert string to BrickColor

I’m having a weird issue where I can’t convert a string to a BrickColor. Note that objColor is a string value which is set to “Bright red.”

I first tried this:

object.BrickColor = objColor -- This obviously doesn't work since objColor is a string

I got an error (which is expected) that it expected a BrickColor and got a string.

Here’s where I am stuck. I tried wrapping it in and got another error:

object.BrickColor =

For some reason, this one immediately gives me an error that it expected a Color3 and received a string. Does anyone know why this is, and how can I properly convert a string to a BrickColor. Also, this works fine when I don’t use a variable in

You can convert a string to a BrickColor by passing the string in the constructor. This is obviously not your issue. You have some kind of oversight in your code or you’re looking at the issue incorrectly.

print("Bright red")) -- Bright red

local color = "Bright red"
print( -- Bright red

More information about your circumstances needs to be provided here. Can’t discern the cause of error off of the vague information we currently have. For example, are you sure objColor is a string? What is the exact error and section of code producing the error?