Cant create free badge in games that in group

Cant create free badge in my game that in group(group owned not by me but i can create games and etc.)
What do i do?

P.S. Tried in other game and it uploaded

I’m pretty sure it is due to the fact that you may be too new to the group.

If I’m correct, you are required to be a group member for at least 30 days (more or less.)
Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Either what torrbit said or you nedd to be a specific member type?

Ohh yes, because of roblox update
You are not eligible to add any badges when you are new to a group you should be stayed in that group for longer mostly 2-3 weeks, same as group funds
When we are giving out robux that user cannot be given because she/he is new to the group

Thank you for me to understand that