Cant delete ads from groups I already left

I noticed when I was deleting my old adverts for groups I have already left, Roblox would not allow me to delete them saying that I have “insufficient permissions”. This bug has happened with 2 of my old adverts where I have left the group that the advert is linked to. The only way to get around this issue is to rejoin the group and hope that the owner allows your roll to advertise the group, this can be impossible if the owner has left the group and no one is owning it with join requests on.

An error message pops up like this

I have only noticed this bug today but I found an older post from 2015 where they have seemed to have the same problem as me.


Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see how this is a bug? It seems logical to not be able to delete something that belongs to a group you left :thinking:

Uhhhh, the ad itself still belongs to you, it’s perfectly logical to delete something you created. Even if you aren’t apart of that group anymore.

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But you can’t delete other group assets that you created afaik, so I don’t see why ads should be any different :thinking:

No one other than you can access the ads you create for a group. They can access the models and assets you create.

user ads in my user section

The ads I uploaded for the group don’t show up under group development’s user ads.

user ads in a group I have ads in


Ah right, that makes more sense :smiley:

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