Cant delete thumbnail

I cant delete a thumbnail from my game R2D. It reacts when you hover over it, but doesn’t do anything when you click the X button.

What browser are you on?

I think that weird behavior occurs when you have any video thumbnail active for your place. This happened for some time when I had a video thumbnail up. Currently you just have to refresh the page until the X button works.
(And I was using Chrome)

Yes. I’m using chrome and I got a video thumbnail.

This is still happening to me for video thumbnails (I last tried to delete it about 3 weeks ago and it didn’t work then either) :confused:

Edit: Sorry! I thought this was April 2015 facepalm It’s still relevant though…

One and a half year later, still this bug occures.
Chrome, got video thumbnail, cant delete pictures.

EDIT: Opened in IE then it worked.