Can't detect a player with a part in a animation

Hey, I am making a animation and the players are seated in the animation, they go along a path but when I want to detect if they touch a part it does not detect the player. When I just walk into it without the animation and not seated it works and tps them. ARe there any solutions to this?

You could use animation event for that instead of detecting if part was touched

Could you please show us the code you used to accomplish this?
Also, instead of the touched event try using Humanoid.StateChanged:Connect(function()

Is seat anchored? Because touched event won’t detect it then (if I’m right the way seat works is it welds player to the seat part, so if it’s anchored then player is basically anchored to it), unless the other part that triggers it is also not anchored.

This might help you. The value is the Humanoid sitting on the seat, so if you want to play an animation check if the Humanoid has an Animator object, if so, load the animation and play it.
If this is what you are not trying to achieve, let me know.

I animated it with moon animator

Well, it’s not. So the player is in a vehicle and it drives on a path with an animation and the player is seated in the car. But I placed a part on the path and when the player touches the part it tps them. But the problem is that it doesn’t detect the player when it’s in a animation and is sitting

It doesn’t matter, just import the animation you made into the animation editor and then put the event where you need