Can't drag RBXM files into studio anymore

I’m used to being able to open rbxm files by dragging the file into the studio window. This doesn’t work anymore. Less than 24 hours ago it did work.

edit: tried it again and now it does work. not able to tell what the fail conditions are.

I recall that when I encountered the issue, I downloaded the rbxm file first and then went to open studio and it began updating itself. When it finished updating and I opened an empty place, it would not let me drag the rbxm file into the place.


Encountering same issue right now. Also just after Roblox updating. Not a blank place file. Restarting studio fixed the issue.


Having the same issue as well, don’t know why they have to make it more complicated…


Having the same issue rn as well

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Hi, closing out older issues. This should be fixed. Please let us know if this is not the case, or if you have a reproducible way of breaking this functionality.


I have the Ø-mouse icon when trying to drag a .rbxm model into an active studio window.
I think I found repro steps (at least for me)

Doesn’t work:

  1. Open studio by clicking on Studio shortcut
  2. Open any place
  3. Try to drag it in, it won’t work and instead, will show you said mouse icon above.

Does work:

  1. Open Roblox Creator Dashboard
  2. Click “Edit in Studio” on any place
  3. Try to drag it in, now it will work.

Might be important might not be; First time I tried (the “Doesn’t work-method”), I also had a permission-warning box (Roblox Studio requires edit access). Example below