Can't drive my car

Hello !
I need help because i can’t drive my car…
I don’t know what screen i need to send because there is a lot of instances but… just if you have an idea to help me, then please tell me below…
some screens:



Please tell us a bit more. Are the wheels not turning or spinning? Does the body move up and down if you jump on the car (the wheel moves up and down in the wheel well)? Where did you get the model from and have you modified it in any way?

Also, please copy and paste your Vehicle handler script here with three backticks (```) before and after it so it is easier for us to read.

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no, controls are broken,
I can’t drive, can’t rotate wheels, can’t go forwards
The script is just a sitting cooldown (because else when i jump, my character sit again on the seat) and i used seat:Sit(“Humanoid”) so i don’t know why it doesn’t work

“Controls are broken” tells us absolutely nothing. I asked those questions to get more information, not less.
Are the Parts Anchored?
Did you use the Roblox Tutorial for making cars?
Are the wheels welded (attached) to the car body keeping them from rotating?
You do know that there needs to be a script for the VehicleSeat to drive the wheels when you use the new Constraints, don’t you? You can’t just put Hinges on the wheels and attach them to the car and expect it to drive like years ago.
Make a Rblx file version of your car model and leave it here or private message me a copy. I can take a look to see what’s going on.

  1. no , all parts are unanchored
  2. i watched the Crazyman32’s tutorial (sleitnick) on, youtube.
  3. Yes, wheels are welded with hinge constraint, spring and when if i place a car on a slide, my car go forward and then it work
    The script just help the player to sit on it (VehicleSeat:Sit(humanoid)) and a cooldown (the player need to wait 1 second before sitting again) because else the player is stuck in the vehicle.
    So idk where is the problem but… yeah, controls are broken.
    File: IAmRaginhBecauseIDontKnowHowToMakeCarLol.rbxm (19.7 KB)

Have a great day !

You didn’t script the car like in part 4 of the tutorial…

but for sleitnick, he can drive the car at the part 3 and not me

I watched it and he let it go down the ramp, but it was coasting, not driving. I may have skipped the part where it does drive though.
The 4th section has another script placed in the top of the model that connects the VehicleSeat inputs to the wheels.
As I stated before, you have to have a script for the car to be able to drive. The VehicleSeat doesn’t do it automatically.