Can't Export Animations from Moon Animator

Hey Guys! I am a bit new to using Moon Animator. I’ve made an animation but I can’t export it to roblox. The only export option I have is in the File tab but when I export it from there; My animation comes out as a string value in Server Storage. I’ve seen and read posts about there being an export all option in the items tab but I don’t see that option. Any help?

U need to click file>ExportRigs. It should Create a Animation Asset in ur Rig inside a model named AnimSaves. And then in the AnimSaves, u can right click the animation keyframe asset and click “Save to Roblox”


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Moon animator became terrible with recent update. It became unnecessarily complex and confusing.

The native Roblox Animation Editor has all the functions of moon animator + more. It also has lot cleaner design, and being the native editor, will get updated more frequently.

So since you are a beginner, I highly recommend learning the native editor, before you get used to the Moon Animator.

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