Can't find Instance hierarchy on docs

On the only Developer Hub website on the sidebar under the classes tab it had a hierarchy of all the classes with Instance at the top and under things such as BasePart or GuiBase. I simply cannot find it in the new docs website and it was very useful to me.

On the left hand side of this page, you’ll see all of the classes listed in alphabetical order and can click them to see documentation on each individual class.

If you click on the Instance class, for example, you will see detailed documentation of all methods and events associated with Instance.

For things associated with other classes, like BaseParts with Instances, you’ll see on the BasePart documentation page that it inherits some properties and events from the Instance class. This information on each specific class can allow you to understand which classes inherit methods and events from other higher-level classes in the tree.


True, but I want to see the big picture. Say I wanted to see what classes inherit something from say GuiBase, how would I do that?

This page is apparently still up, has the class tree Class Index

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