Can't Find Malicious Plugin(?) or Whatever is Duplicating Scripts

Whenever I log into a team create, I see a model in workspace with all of the scripts in the game duplicated as a module script. I’m trying to stop this from appearing.

Image of Model in workspace with some of the scripts

I believe it’s a plugin from one of the team create members,
but I only have Moon Animation Suite (Disabled),
userA only has Roundify,
userB has a lot of plugins, but I don’t think I found one with bad comments or reviews
All 3 of our Plugins Folders are empty

Images of UserB's Plugins

Please provide any info on the plugins being malicious or other things that may be causing this problem.


The max you can do is disable teamcreate and delete anything suspicious.

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I have a plugin you can use that automatically removes all viruses. But if you have scripts that you made that are named like virus or micolod it will delete them. So be careful when using this:

I don’t think that’s the problem, Arvin, the model and modules are being added in studio, not in a playtest

@System502 @gamegroup2019 it has been a year, the person stopped developing with me already

Ok but if you ever need a good antivirus with weekly database updates then get RblxAntivirus