Can't find problem in short, broken script

This is a script to have a NPC hand different items depending on the dialog chosen.
When I run it, it gives this error :Head is not a valid member of Model “Workspace.Uwe Koskinen” (Uwe koskinen being the name of the npc).
I am sure it is not a typo and Head is properly named in the workspace, but I can’t seem to solve the issue.
It had been fine before until I added 4 more options to select, but I don’t understand what has changed.

local dialog = workspace["Uwe Koskinen"].Head.Dialog
local DialogChoice2 = workspace["Uwe Koskinen"].Head.Dialog.DialogChoice2
workspace["Uwe Koskinen"]:WaitForChild("Head")
dialog.DialogChoiceSelected:Connect(function(plr, choice)
	if choice == DialogChoice2 then
	elseif choice == workspace["Uwe Koskinen"].Head.Dialog.DialogChoice1 then
	elseif choice == workspace["Uwe Koskinen"].Head.Dialog.DialogChoice6 then
	elseif choice == workspace["Uwe Koskinen"].Head.Dialog.DialogChoice4.DialogChoice7 then
	elseif choice == workspace["Uwe Koskinen"].Head.Dialog.DialogChoice4.DialogChoice8 then
	elseif choice == workspace["Uwe Koskinen"].Head.Dialog.DialogChoice4.DialogChoice9 then

Which line is giving you an error? You might want to put the WaitForChild line at the start before you call the variables.

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Put your WaitForChild("Head") in the very first line.
You haven’t done that but are searching for something in the head in the first 2 lines before you run that line.

Thanks for your help. Silly me.

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Give the Solution to @Overseerzed since they mentioned it first, I just elaborated on what they said.