Can't find surfaces

I’m trying to test something out, but I can’t seem to find access to surfaces. I tried to go to the model tab but it’s not even there. Can someone help out?

The default surface tool has been removed from Studio.

Here’s a useful plugin that recreates it:

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Roblox has deleted surfaces off of the studio, BUT the F3X tool still allows to use that feature.
You can also use plugins to make it work again. (Surface Tool - Roblox)
(Building Tools By F3X (Plugin) - Roblox)

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why was it removed? Was there something about it that had a negative impact?

I’m not sure. I’m guessing it no longer made sense to continue supporting it firsthand, so Roblox wanted to give this older functionality to the community.

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I’m pretty sure Roblox wanted to delete the old features.

So how can I find the specific faces?

What do you mean?
There is a surface tool as a plugin, I’m pretty sure it works the same.

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If you still don’t know how to use it, there’s a video about it:

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Most likely it will be fully removed in a year or so since the system is old and doesn’t work how it used to. Making a feature difficult to use or access is usually their first step before they remove things. Just by way of heads up.