Can't Flip The Rotation Of An Object

I’ve been making a circle generator for this musical chairs based game, and it’s going pretty good, the chairs are making a circle, but, well,

All of the chairs are facing inward.

At first I thought this was simple, just multiply the angle by -1 and the chair direction should be flipped, except it didn’t change a thing.
I’ve tried adding 360 to it, add 180, subtracting 180, nothing works, the chairs still face inward.

This is the code:

local ServerStorage = game.ServerStorage
local Original = ServerStorage.Chair
local CenterPoint =, Original.Position.Y, 0)

local Amount = 10

for Count = 0, Amount, 1 do task.wait()
	local Part = Original:Clone()

	Part.Position = CenterPoint
	Part.Orientation =, 360 / Amount * Count, 0)
	Part.CFrame += Part.CFrame.LookVector * Amount
	Part.Anchored = true
	Part.Parent = workspace

Does anyone know how to change the direction? I can’t test the code until tomorrow, so I can’t see if it’ll work, please test the code before answering.
Thank You! :smiley_cat:

You should learn about how to use CFrame which allow you change both Position and Direction. For example you want for all the chairs to look at the middle, then determine the position of the middle. Then do

local MiddlePosition =, y, z)

Chair.CFrame =, MiddlePosition) -- The first agrument is the chair position and the second is the position the chair will have to look at.

Well, the Middle position Is what I described in my code as the center point. I got the position by rotating it by 360 and sending it forward.

. . .

Which means that one way to fix the problem is to rotate the part by 180 after you moved it or to move it backwards.

So, uh, thank you anyway, because trying to give you more info led to me finding out the answer in my own reply.

rotate them on the z axis by 180 after you have made them take up the circle positions and orientations

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