Can't get basic script to run in studio client mode?

I’m just trying to run a basic script, but the output doesn’t print anything. I’m an old user, has something changed to prevent this from running?

Could you send a video of the issue happening, preferably recording when you first join the game?

It was while I started a session with me as a client like test mode. Local Server 1 player
The script never seemed to run at all, while my player spawns in fine. The scripts run if I just click Player Here button.

It wasn’t a local script that’s why.

When you start a local server with 1 player, 2 new windows should show up: one with the player’s client and one with the server which you can monitor prints and whatnot. Could you check if this print appears on that server output?

Yea no the problem was I had the script in the workspace and I was checking the client sided output, wasn’t a local script

Local scripts won’t fire in the workspace, they only fire in ReplicatedFirst, StarterPlayerScripts, StarterCharacterScripts, StarterGui, and StarterPack.

I know that :stuck_out_tongue: I’m saying the script was a normal script in the workspace. I’m assuming it wont fire while in client mode window. Since it’s all local scripts right?

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I’m a little confused, sorry haha. If you’re creating an output from a local script, it should appear in the client’s output if you’re creating that 1-person local server. I don’t know if the server’s output will appear in the client’s output though.

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It’s all good lol, what I mean is. I was using a normal server script. With print, inside the workspace. I opened client test mode, the server client works fine. But the client sided client, with the player. There was no output, I didn’t realize that all the code that I could see running from the server and what not was only shown on the other window. Anyway I got it working. Thanks.

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