Can't get my animation to work

Can someone please help me with my animation . I have made a local script in starterplayerscripts and added a animation into the script and used a local script to activate it . I had watched a turtorial on youtube to learn how to do this but think it is outdated . Here is the script i was told to use.

In the bottom you can see an error . Please tell me how to fix this .


What Animation Priority have you set the animation to?

If you haven’t done so, set it to Action.

the animation priority is the highest priority

It says it has not loaded at all so even if the priority was not at its highest i think it is a different issue

Still, make sure it is set to Action.

And you’d want to run this in StarterCharacterScripts instead.

local Animation = script.Animation
local char = script.Parent
local hum = char:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
local AnimationTrack = hum:LoadAnimation(Animation)



Still not working . I am getting the same error

Is it your animation? (30 chars)

Sorry I am kinda new to it . What do you mean by 30 chars?

Are you sure you made this animation yourself? Roblox doesn’t allow you to use other user’s animations.

Why add in another wait()? Just adjust the original wait…

Also, is this animation made by you?

Yes i amde this animation myself

You use it when the text is to short.

I have not added any tool . Only a player animation

And I do not want it to do that .

Do you want a hotky like press e for animation or?

I already know how to do that but the problem is this random error i keep getting saying the animation is not loading

Did you try closing studio and opening it back up again?

Yes I have . Multiple times in fact