Can't get rid of the "This game may not function as intended" message

Hi there!

I’m working on a game, and for a while I’ve been hoping that this message will go away:
This game may not function as intended. The developer needs to update the game.

FilteringEnabled is on, the game was played by multiple people, I added a description and images, and even though I might be doing some things in an unorthodox fashion, it’s nothing that was listed by Roblox as a possible cause of this message.

This is the game:

If someone has an idea how I can get this removed I’d appreciate it a lot!
Any bug reports and feedback are greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you!


Are you 100% sure the FilteringEnabled property in Workspace is enabled?

If it is on, maybe try make a new place and copy everything over and overwrite the game.

Having the exact issue. Roblox support has sent me three emails with links to the scripting and building tutorial pages :clown_face:


@StarKeep :joy: :joy: :joy: Did you expect any less?

@Med_App Yeah, just checked again, it’s enabled. That’s what I was trying to avoid, but if nobody comes up with something until tomorrow I’ll do it.


Hi @manddilu, a fix for this will be out shortly! We will be removing the message completely as it’s no longer relevant.


It’s happening to my game too, All I did was move a game to my group. Hopefully this will get fixed soon. Has Experimental Mode come back because I now see the option to turn off FilteringEnabled again.

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