Can't get the local value from server script

Just why I can’t get this value? I literally have it there…

Players isn’t a defined keyword. You should use game:GetService(“Players”) instead (or game.Players but that is very bad).

Wait it also says the script is in serverscriptservice but there isnt a script there. Are you using a localscript?

Dude, this is test mode that’s why it doesn’t have a script in the server script visible, and this is the error from the server script. Inside my local script code, it’s InvokeServer to a remote function. And catch it in the server script (the error one that you’ve seen). Where the remote function also passing the player instance, but idk why I can’t access that MP value inside that player instance. So, I’m confusing rn.

Should I report this to studio bug instead? I still can’t find a way to solve it.

Can you show the line that is causing infinite yiels, I am curious what caused this.

This has happened before, but if it is a bug try making reproduction steps in an empty baseplate preferably.

If above doesn’t work:
Are you cloning MP into player from the client? Because then, the server won’t be able to see the object. Also, make sure MP does not accidentally have a space after it or something like that, happened to me before and it couldn’t work because Name didn’t exist, only Name did. Something like this:

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Oh, dang TYSM. This makes me open my 3rd eye.

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