Can't identify the issue to remove the "content removed badge"

Reproduction Steps

I have no idea whats wrong with my profile, it seems like something is breaking the rules… so I don’t know how to teplicate it.

Expected Behavior

I expect an answer, what is wrong with the content on my profile ?
I need to get rid of the badge and restrictions, but I need something to tell me whats wrong…

Actual Behavior

I am removed from the search and people can’t hire me if they want to.



Issue Area: Talent Hub
Page URL: Talent Hub
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly

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Thank you for reporting, we are looking into this.


Hi Sofloann, I think we have found the issue: it is under the Ready Player One Builder Experience and the link name is called link to the image with me, and it is pointing to url that starts with Unfortunately this is not a whitelisted domain and this is why this profile was moderated.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks !
I removed it we’ll see