Can't Import FBX Animations To Studio

Hi! I’ve been working on a small project for myself recently. This project included ripping assets from a game, and importing them into Roblox. Part of what I wanted to do with this was to import a rig, with animations. I got as far as importing the rig, until I hit a (what i thought was a) small road block, that I couldn’t import any animations onto the rig.

The strangest part about the issue I’m having is that it previews perfectly fine in the 3D import.

But when I try to import the animation:

Also, YES, I know the rig is horrible. I didn’t make it. It’s converted from the source files. I’ve done this before with other games from different engines, and the animation import has worked fine regardless of messy armature, which is why I’m confused. I can’t just remake the armature, as I wouldn’t be able to use the source animations anymore, which is the entire goal of this project.

So far, I’ve tried:
a) exporting 2 seperate files, one with the model and one with only the animation data
b) exporting the model with baked animation data (first video shows that the preview works, and shows the right animation)

Any help would be appreciated, as I’ve kind of hit a wall here.

(I can provide any files needed, just ask.)

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This is more than likely illegal, somewhere in between “copyright violation” (or did you get permission from the copyright holder?) and “hacking” (assuming you needed to access data for which you weren’t authorized)

To address your concern, the files in question do not pertain to any copyrighted material. While the source material is based on Disney’s Toontown Online, the specific model and texture I am importing was made recently by the developers of said game, not by Disney. Please stay on-topic, and I recommend you look into the things you talk about first, in order to not be spreading false information to unknowing parties.

The developers of that game also hold the copyright to their work, lol, and you’re taking it without authorization. It’s copyright infringement.

Please stay on-topic when replying to users. Thanks!

That’s cool and all, but this is now like the 7’th reply to the thread and I have still yet to get a single reply from anyone who wants to actually help on the issue. As much as you’d like to talk about “legal issues”, I promise you that I’ve looked into it in-depth and it has NO relevance here.

I’d rather not have to delete the entire thread and have to work around the detail of “I’m importing this from a game” in order to actually receive help on it.